This Was My Week

Cheers and Jeers
I got a really nice compliment from the boss on Monday. I am apparently really good at what I do and am the best programmer in the library- better than the real librarians.

What Happened This Week?



  • Wrote out requests for STEAMSPACE materials. It is the most convoluted process possible.
  • Helped coworker set up their (work issued) fitbit
  • The chapter books I wanted to be changed to easy readers came back with a note saying we were supposed to be doing that. No one seems to have been aware of this, but until the librarian position is filled I will be inspecting books as they come in.
  • Put up a staff picks display to go with the book commercials program that is coming up soon.
  • Worked on the booklet and badges for STEAMSPACE
  • Coworker makes the sign say “READ A BOOK” which I think looks bad.


  • Boss had a school visit and accidentally double-booked herself. Someone made a comment about her being pregnant when she is very much not pregnant. My face is super dry and scaly and makeup won’t hide it all. Not a great start to the morning
  • Coworker complains a lot about re-cataloging the chapter books as easy readers. I should have pulled all of the books when I saw them a year ago, but I wasn’t confident enough in my judgement.
  • Ran a report to identify picture books that have not gone out in several years.


  • Saturday 3/3 – Getting closer to vacation!
  • I grabbed a few shelves of picture books to weed “my way”. I think I did 4 shelves and found 6-7 books that were not in the catalog.
  • Some of the books I petitioned for are starting to arrive. Tornadoes, volcanoes, weather, and science books all came through and looked pretty good.
  • Our copy of Shannon Hale’s Real Friends came in and the boss and I were both weepy after reading it.

What did patrons want?
Diagrams of the fuel injector in a car from ALLDATA, which I have never used. I saw a kid checking out books about flying horses and sent him home with a copy of  The Secret Horses of Briar Hill.



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