Book Thoughts: Real Friends by Shannon Hale

Book Thoughts are something new. As I flip through quite a few books weekly I don’t really have the time or desire to write up long book reviews for everything, but sometimes I also want to talk about a book just a little bit. Think of Book Thoughts like mini reviews that might contain spoilers, ranting or some really out there comparisons.

real friends hale cover

Real Friends by Shannon Hale has been making the book blog rounds with rave reviews. My boss and I both read it and ended up in tears, though I think she had a harder time with it as she dealt with more bullying in school than me. I was a bit nervous to read this because she had such a strong reaction and I was imagining really awful bullying and a really depressing book so I was pleasantly surprised.

Real Friends is like the baby sister of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel meets Anne of Green Gables. Shannon has the red hair, strong emotions, and fanciful imagination of Anne. Instead of exploring the woods for dryads and fairies she talks her friends into spy games and Charlie’s angels. The OCD and anxiety problems and family issues are similar to those explored in Fun Home.

I will admit the spy stuff is lost on me but I would say to pick up Real Friends if for no other reason than for the art and the exploration of the relationship with Shannon and her sister.





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