STEAM Materials Requested

Here is the list of the items I requested for the STEAM program. Amazon is the easiest website for me to use so that is why everything listed can be found on amazon. Prices do fluctuate but I have listed what it was at the time I first requested the item.

Dominoes $9.90
Snap Circuits Jr $20.99
Makey Makey Kit $49.95
Tangrams $7.28
Spirograph $11.24
LEGO Space Needle $54.79
K’nex Bridges Kit $29.98
Amazin Marbles $28.06
Code & Go Mouse $40.68
Modeling Clay $2.81 & Tools $4.99
Geoboards $12.68
Geoworld Preserved Bugs $28.67
Gears! $18.52
Doodle Robot $10.40
Magnetic MightyMind $23.40
Magnet Science $13.48
Magic Penny $20.01

I tried to pick the highest reviewed, cheapest, and most practical to request for the STEAM program. I did not consider 3D printers or other large machines with what I imagine is a large learning curve.

I submitted my original material request to my boss via email and after a verbal okay I have now printed and filled out the paperwork for each individual item.


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