This Was My Week

Cheers and Jeers

Well I’m hoping this is a good thing, but I got an email saying we would be having a meeting about STEAM in the library at the end of the month. We are supposed to bring all of  our ideas so now I am scrambling to get everything from my head to paper. I recognize the director and maybe 2 other names in the group of 8 people so I am hoping we will be able to be very focused, but I don’t know what to expect at this point.

What Happened This Week?


  • Family Movie Night
  • Put all summer events and reminders into my calendar
  • More weeding J books not in the catalog
  • Prepping music for Disney Trivia Night


  • 3 people off today
  • More new books arrived, I think they all look good so I hope they circ.
  • Worked on decorations for summer reading Build a Better World theme. Gear flowers should be cool right?


  • Steam focus group email sent me scrambling to get all of my STEAM stuff together
  • More weeding


  • Printers down for a few hours
  • Short one person and another left early so pretty busy
  • STEAM reading
  • Unconference directly after work

What did patrons want?
I actually don’t remember anything very interesting that was requested this week. I got a kid to take home a book I recommended.



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