The Easy Reader Fiasco

Sometimes things happen at the library that I don’t necessarily agree with. The easy reader fiasco is a lesson I learned about listening to my gut and being more confident in my own abilities.

About a year ago I noticed some Mr Putter and Tabby books in the J novel section that I really thought were more suited to be in the dot book/easy reader section. I showed my boss, I filled out a request to change paperwork asking for them to become green dots which are 2nd grade level. (Levels and AR are a topic for another day) They came back a few days later saying sorry green dots dot exist anymore so they went back into the J novels.

Time passes and we get some Princess in Black, DC Superpets, DC Heroes, Lego stuff etc and it is all coming through to J novels it doesn’t feel right to me but I forget about it until one day when I scan a book and see that every other library has it in the easy reader section but us. I grabbed a cart and pulled every single one of the books I had suspicions about and all but two were listed as easy readers in our other libraries. I don’t know why ours aren’t but now we are manually taking each one and changing them and making new spine labels.

My lesson here is if you don’t want to change a few hundred books all at once you should listen to your gut when you think something isn’t right!


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