Book Thoughts – The Secret Rescuers

The Secret Rescuers The Storm Dragon-68980-3

These covers caught my eye the very first time I saw them. When I saw them at Target I knew I had to get them for work. I am 99% sure that grade school me would have loved these. Heck, who and I kidding I like them now and can’s wait for the next one to come in.

The first book stars Sophy and she stumbles across a magic rock that lets her speak with magical creatures, which is good because a baby storm dragon has crash landed in the castle’s orchard. The adults want to capture the dragon so it is up to Sophy to save him and return him to his family.

the sky unicorn

In the second book Ava’s life is changed when she meets Clover, a unicorn foal, and Sophy. Ava acquires a magic rock from Sophy which lets her communicate with magical animals. When a bad man betrays the hidden unicorn herd Clover is captured and locked in a cage. Ava and Sophy must think quick to rescue him.

These are really cute, if a little light. I wish the interior illustrations were in color or a little less sketchy.


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