Carnival Night 2017

I can’t believe summer is finally here. On one hand it feels like I have been waiting forever and on the other hand it feels like the carnival night from last year wasn’t long ago at all. Honestly the setup for this was pretty much the same as last year with a few differences.

The Good
Attendance was a little higher this year and I think the games and booths ran a little smoother. We had a face painting lady and a balloon guy which is actually where a bit of the budget went, but as I think I typically under-spend in that area I wasn’t too worried about it. We want people to see a bunch of kids outside the library having fun.

The Bad
Some of the items I ordered for the carnival never made it. Apparently a box with my entire amazon order was damaged and returned and the amount credited to the account with no one catching this until I called to ask about the items I ordered when I got back from vacation. No new duck pool, no bowling set, and no tickets. I am very lucky I happened to save some of them from last year!

We didn’t have the paper show up this year which was a little sad. The weather was overcast and some people complained it was a little chilly. I was actually quit comfortable, but I think we would have had even more attendance with a sunnier day.


This year I put out some reading records, flyers for upcoming programs, and signup sheets for the next few programs at my table with the trivia game. I got quite a few sign ups and reading records given out which was really nice.

At the craft table this year I made blank underwear templates and instructed kids to design some underwear for the chance to win a Captain Underpants book. After the carnival I set the templates and colored pencils out at a “build a better world” activity table we set up.

This year I drug out 5 tables and tried to set one supervised ticket-earning activity and one unsupervised just for fun activity at each table.I think this worked well and I will probably use this setup again in the future.

Monkey Mania – 2 copies of a Barrel of Monkeys game
Basketball Hoop – My son’s basketball hoop and ball
Trivia – I had 2 questions for 8 different categories represented on the wheel. I should have had more and I think I picked questions that were just challenging enough that I could talk a kid into figuring out the answer with some clues.
Registrations: 92
Attendance: 70?
Activity: Face Paint
Activity: Crafty Coloring
Activity: Lucky Ducks
Activity: Basketball Shoot
Activity: Disc Drop
Activity: Monkey Mania
Activity: Ring Toss
Activity: Balloon guy
Activity: Wheel o’Fortunes Trivia
Activity: Welcome



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