Disney Trivia

I am a big fan of the older animated Disney movies. I had really been wanting to do a trivia night with kids and families and I thought that Disney should be a topic that I would be able to find enough material for family friendly questions.


I started the night with a timeline of Disney movies where participants had to try and match the movie they were given to the years posted on the wall. My idea was that this would be sort of an “answer bank” showing which movies answers were from, but it ended up being really hard and a bit chaotic so I would probably just do this as a paper handout or word search next time.

Then I had a jeopardy style set of Disney questions with 5 categories with values 100-500. Teams took turns choosing their category and amount and were allowed to ask the audience for help if they got stuck. If you want to see the board it is here. (You should check it out for fun!)


Then I passed out a 25ish question packet with questions and spaces for the answers. Everyone had 10 minutes to answer as many as possible and when they were done they could turn in the paper and get their snacks and juice at the “snack bar” (bar trivia, get it?) This staggered everyone going up for snacks and gave me time to tally up points.

Finally we had a song round. Each team got one question where I played the Disney song and projected the lyrics until it got to the song title and they had to sing/say the next words (the title) and the movie the sing was from.  So one question looked like this:

Don’t let them in,
don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel,
don’t let them know
Well now they know

Do you know the song and movie?

Registrations: 35
Attendance: 20
Activity: Disney timeline
Activity: Disney Jeopardy
Activity: Disney Snack Bar Lightning Round
Activity: Disney Singalong Round


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