This Was My Week

Cheers and Jeers

Summer is off and running and I am doing my best to stay on top of things. One coworker is leaving for another jobs sometime soon. I am battling a lingering cough.

What Happened This Week?


  • Carnival Night! I wish the weather had been just 2 degrees warmer and sunnier.
  • I had to be to work before 9 for food service training. It was a long day.
  • Some of the things I ordered did not come in time for the carnival.
  • A coworker is very angry I took a table to display summer prizes and activities.


  • I am talking up summer reading logs and programs as much as humanly
  • I found out my STEM materials requests haven’t been processed yet.
  • Prep questions for Disney Trivia
  • I got to leave early today


  • Disney Trivia was quite fun
  • Catching up on emails
  • Entered all September – December programs and descriptions


  • Put in paperwork to go to a STEM conference later this year.
  • Reference desk seemed to be hopping.
  • A patron had me looking for a video of an interview with the Dalai Lama which I could not find. When I finally admitted defeat I found out they were actually looking for Deepak Chopra…

What did patrons want?

Captain Underpants books, Dav Pilkey books, quite a few title requests from 2014ish that no one seemed to have.



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