The Monarchs Are Missing by Rebecca E. Hirsch


The Monarchs Are Missing
by Rebecca E. Hirsch

The monarch butterfly was a backyard staple in Ohio and much of the United States, but in recent years the population has been dwindling. Where have the monarchs gone and what can citizen scientists do to help?

This title has an attractive cover that will entice readers and covers more than similar titles I have seen. Children learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, migration patterns, and the discovery of the winter breeding grounds in Mexico. The book is full of excellent charts and graphics, including closeups of the monarch butterflies (male and female) as well as maps showing the migration patterns of the butterflies.

Children also learn about  citizen scientists and the contributions tagging and tracking butterflies have made to  our comprehension of the monarch migration as well the effects of climate change and pesticide use. It encourages us to eliminate pesticide use, and plant butterfly friendly gardens, emphasizing native species.

Overall this is an excellent title that is sure to complement any home or public library, especially those concerned with STEM studies or nature science.