Welcome! I’m the fictitious librarian. My secret is that I work at a library but I am not a librarian. I do not have my MLIS degree or any hours completed towards one. I would actually love to get my degree but with student loans and a toddler I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

However, I love my job and I try my best to do really awesome family programs and projects. I wanted somewhere to keep all of my programming stuff together and I thought that maybe someone out there might be interested in seeing what I am doing. In my hunt for programming ideas I see a lot of blogs about story time programming but not as much about programming for families or older kids.

I have over a year of programming that I am writing up, though I am nearing the end of my project. I have tried my best to reflect accurate dates, but some posts could appear out of order. If you have any questions about a program please feel free to contact me.